Campagnolog Cassette Removal

Removing a Campagnolo cassette is straightforward, but really needs some specialist tools. The tools needed are not too expensive and should last a lifetime.

Campagnolog Cassette RemovalChainwhip

Combined Chain Whip and Lockring Tool – £14.95 plus delivery from VeloSolo.

I chose this one as it fits my Road Campagnolo cassette, my MTB Specalised cassette and my fixie lockring. Plus the handle is 40cm long so you can get loads of leverage. It is a solidly built tool.

Campagnolog Cassette RemovalCassette socket

BBB Lockout Cassetter Lockring Removal Tool BTL12 – £10.95 plus delivery from ChainReactionCycles.

I chose this one as I did not want to have the extra hassle of using a locking ring removal tool with a wrench and wanted an integrated tool. This one has a 25-30cm handle which is long enough. It is a solidly built tool. When buying ensure you get the right tool for your cassette. Specalised, Campagnolo etc all have different fittings.

BBB Cassette Lockring Removal Tool

Cassette removal process

  1. Take off your wheel
  2. Remove the skewer (the long bolt with a quick release end that holds the wheel in place on the bike frame.
  3. Wrap the chain whip aroud the largest sprocket on your cassette. Position the lockring removal tool in the cassette
  4. Undo the lockring by turning it anticlockwise
  5. Remove the cassete sprokets all in one go and bind them together with a zip tie to stop them spilling over the floor.


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