Nearly free!

Headset press for less than £10

I cannot claim any credit for this tip, but have used it anc can voucu for it being 1. easy and 2. less than £10.

In your local hardwars shop (I used Wickes) you need to buy:

  • Threaded rod: pack of 2 m10 x 500m threaded rods for £3.99,
  • Nuts: pack of 10x m10 nuts for £2.01
  • Washers: pack of 10x m10 x 50mm washers £1.43
  • Total £7.40

When inserting a new headset you need to apply a lot of pressure evenly distributed. This is why it is best not to use a hammer, but a press that slowly and accurately can insert the headset. You can also protect your frame with bits of wood and cloth.

Nearly free!

To assemble the headset press and insert the new headset

  1. Take the threaded rod
  2. Add a nut to one end and screw it in by hand about to about 5cm from the end
  3. Add 2 or 3 washers to the short end
  4. Add another nut to the short end and tighten by hand so that the washers are held between the 2 nuts
  5. Place the frame in a bike stand if you have one
  6. Place the top headset piece on the top of the headtub
  7. Place the bottom headset on the bottom of the headtub
  8. Insert the threaded rod from the bottom so that the washers are in contact with the bottom headset and the threaded rod goes through the headsets
  9. The treaded bar will be poking out of the top of the headtube and passing through the top headset. Put 2 or 3 washers onto the threaded rod.
  10. Put a nut on the top of the threaded rod and screw down until it makes contact with the washers. The whole assembly is now held together and ready for the headset to be pressed in.
  11. Using a spanner, tighten the top nut. This will slowly press both headsets into the headtube evenly
  12. Stop when both headsets are inserted into the headtube and flush with the edge of the headset.
  13. You can take the press out to check progress if you want and put it back in to carry on tightening if required.
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