Family cycling along the River Loire in France.

I have cycled along the Loire a few times, and it is really well set-up for families. You can book cycling packages that can provide everything from guides, bikes and accommodation, or you can organise your own trips. Last time, we camped in one place and went for several rides from our base.


The route is suitable for any bike: kids bikes, roads bikes, mountain bikes (VTT in French), fixies…

Cycle track

Loire a velo signThe section we were on around Amboise was very well maintained. Some sections were on quite roads others on the Loire a Velo cycle tracks, where are very smooth tarmac tracks, quite wide enough for several people to ride together. The route is well marked alongs it’s length and there are several maps, apps and books that detail the route.

The routes

The Loire is a long and flat river. The route follows the river, sometimes on the banks of the river and sometimes heading a little inland (not more than a few miles), to ensure a cycle friendly route around busy towns and roads. You get great views of the rivers, vineyards, sunflowers, chateax and medieval towns and villages. There are many amenities along the route such as shops, markets, bars and restaurants as well as hotels and campsites.

Further information

La Loire a Velo website


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