Overtaking a horse on a bike

Cycling around the countryside, you will often come across horses being ridden. Passing them safely is very important so that no one gets hurt. These simple steps should make the process trouble free.

Approaching from the rear

Horses are very clever animals, but rely on their hearing significantly. Some horses are spooked by cyclists.

  1. Slow down when you come acrossa horse to the horses speed and stay 10 meters back.
  2. Announce yourself so that the ride and horse know you are there with a “Goodmorning, cyclist behind you.”
  3. The rider will normally turn around to acknowledge you.
  4. Follow the horse rider’s lead. Some will be fine to let you pass, but others know their horses don’t like bike and wil want to turn the horse so it can see you, to re-assure them.
  5. Ask if it is ok to pass
  6. When the rides waves you on keep talking as the horse will be listening and tracking your movements even if it cannot see you.
  7. Overtake as wide as it is safe to do
  8. Once in front of the horse you can re-gain your race speed

Approaching from the front

If the horse can see you approaching, they will be much more confident. You should still slow down to the horses pace and pass as wide as you can.

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