What is this?

I love cycling mags and reading about new products and admittedly I rarely praise the good, but here is an example of some truly poor cycling component marketing (I am a Marketing Manager for my day job).

The PowerTap is not a kitchen fitting (I think). Admittedly this is a high end product (retailing at over $1000) so it is aimed at people who know bikes, but for the stupid rich or those new to bikes and bike talk the advert for PowerTap in the Tour de France 2014 magazine is very poor marketing. It has a picture of a cyclist, some bike parts and this copy:

“Best of Both Worlds

With the expertise of power measurement that can only come with 15+ years of experience PowerTap looked to DT Swiss and the renowned reputation for quality and performance to join efforts in creating the PowerTap GS.

Utilizing a straight pull hub shell, the GS features DT Swiss Ratchet System technology, press fit assembly with contact-free seals, bearings and exchangeable rotor body. Everything you’d expect from a DT Swiss hub, but the GS also houses PowerTap electronics, which provide you with power accuracy of +/- 1.5%. Industry standard accuracy wrapped up in a bomb-proof hub shell. With ideal strength to weight ratio and straight-pull spoke technology, you’ll get a stiffer, more responsive, and better riding wheel.”

Wow – WTF is that all about? What are the two worlds? I have been riding road bikes for over 20 years but am completely baffled by the impregnable tech speak of the advert.

  • What is the product? Even the basics are confusing and full of tech jargon.
  • What is the problem with my current bike¬†that the PowerTap does better?
  • What is the benefit to buying the PowerTap. For $1000+ (more than my whole bike cost new) I would want to know what this upgrade will mean to me.

Anyway, if you want one, and I am sure they are amazing, get it from the PowerTap website.

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