Needs repairing

I recently discovered that one of my chain links had partly broken. Fortunately I spotted this whilst cleaning the bike, rather than on the road.

Replacing the broken chain link with a new one is quite straightforward.

  1. Break the chain with a Chain Tool at the damaged link and take the chain off the bike.
  2. Once off the bike, remove the broken link.
  3. Add a new link. if you fitted your original chain, you should have spare links as you nearly always have to shorten a new chain before putting it on your bike.  As you are doing this off the bike it is easiest to put the chain tool in a vice, to free up your hands to hold the chain parts in place when you insert the new pin/link
  4. Replace the chain on the bike, threading it through the relevant gear derailleurs.
  5. Connect both ends of the chain together.
  6. The ne link should move easily like the other links. If it is a bit still flex it from side to side.
Toepeak Universal Chain Tool
La Loire a Velo