remove and add chain links at will

At some point, all cyclists will need to remove their chain to either get at other parts such as the rear mech or to clean, mend or replace the chain.

Some cyclists like to take a chain tool and spare links on rides too in case emergency repairs are needed. Like most chain tools, the Toepeak Universal Chain Tool is small enough to take on the road.

As a link breaking tool and for inserting chain link pins it works really well (I used it on a Campagnolo Veloce 10sp chain). It feels solid and seems well built. There are additional elements that make this better than other chain tools. There is a simple piece of bent wire that holds two ends of the chain together when the chain is on the bike, or can be used to position the tool for link removal on the bike. The barrel of the tool is also hollow allowing you to store spare link pins. Again a neat feature that is really practical.

I paid about £9 for the tool from Halfords and would recommend it. Here are Toepeak’s specs for their Universal Chain Tool.

Alex Dowsett TT Gold in Glasgow
Repairing a broken chain link